Vision + Mission

Exquisite Vibe and Space Curation

Massive vibrations coming soon

Vision coming soon

Our Sound Systems

We our proud to offer premium, high fidelity sound, more than 70,000 watts of HD audio, featuring top brands, including 

Hennessy Sound Design, RCF, JBL and TurboSound 

We Love Dubstep and Electronic Music

So we bought a MASSIVE system

that will deliver an exceptional experience for all genres of music

Daniel Nicol
Daniel Tyler Nicol
Danny Nicol

Daniel Tyler Nicol

6.28.1994 - 7.12.2018

 is the younger brother of Ron Nicol, co-founder of Vibrate Awake LLC. Danny is the inspiration for this movement, he was a true lover of dubstep, and of all good music in general, and I can honestly say he taught me how to listen to, and how to appreciate, music. Thank you for teaching me how to love, to be present, and to enjoy life.

Hold your loved ones, especially your siblings, close. 

- Ron  

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